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Orthopedic products wrist splint, shoulder, posturex bandage corset, lumbostat corset, neck collar, foot care separator spreader, massage vacuum silicone cup

Toe separator, metatarsal pad, bunion protector, orthopedic insole, hallux valgus splint, heel cup, protector for knuckle on the finger, silicone thimble for foot finger, support of clenched finger, protector toe overlap,

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Gel Heel Pad

Silicone gel heel pad for plantar fasciitis. Insoles heel for spurs. Cushion design to prevent bruised heel and pain ankle. 

Price: 17.00лв.
List Price: 20.00лв.
discounts info
Discounts info
Price: 17.00лв.
List Price: 20.00лв.
Discount: 3.00лв. (15.00%)

Insole for sports shoes

Insoles to reduce the size of sneakers. Gaskets for large sports shoes.

Price: 10.90лв.
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Insole arch support

Orthopedic insole for arch support

Price: 20.50лв.

Separator for smaller toes

Separator for smaller little toes for relieve pain from fruction and pressure. 

Price: 15.50лв.

Toe separator 5 finger

Toe spreader for hallux valgus little finger

Price: 9.99лв.

Toe separator 5 finger

Silicone separator 5 toe. Gel separator for smaller toes 4th and 5th prevent rubbing and cushions.  Ideal anatomical shape, the comfortable loop keeps toe spacer stay in place all day long on your toe.


Price: 13.50лв.

Toe separator

Toe separator with band for Halux Valgus deformity. 

Price: 15.00лв.
Price: 20.00лв.

Foot insole anti slip

Pads for non-slip footwear on non-slip floors. Self-adhesive anti-slip insoles made of durable and rigid material for maximum grip between the sole of the shoe and the floor. Non-slip insoles for men's and women's shoes. Anti-slip shoes are not designed for high-soles soles. Shoe insoles can also be used to strengthen a worn sole.

Price: 7.50лв.

Elastic bandage for broken finger

Fixing bandage for immobilization of a broken toe and cracked toe. Bandage orthosis for fixation of broken toes after placement in intraocular fracture. Toe lock for fractures of the phalanx of finger foot. A finger orthosis for immobilization of a cracked or broken distal phalanx of the proximal phalanx or middle phalanx of the toe. Locking band for splinting cracked or broken toes. The foot restraint holds the toe fractured firmly to the adjacent healthy toe. Toe bar for immobilization and restoration of the toe and damage of the toe bone. Bandage to protect the toes from damage adjacent to the amputated toes (the toe is gripped to the adjacent toe to prevent flexion or warping of the toe) Elastic bandage for broken foot finger.

Price: 12.00лв.
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