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Price: 12.75лв.
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Discounts info
Price: 12.75лв.
List Price: 15.00лв.
Discount: 2.25лв. (15.00%)
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Account services

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Massage cupping set

Code: KM 9000

Massage silicone cupping suction. The set includes: 1 pcs outer diameter 75 mm ; inner diameter 54 mm; 1 pcs outer diameter of cupping: 50 mm, inner diameter 35 mm; 1 pcs facial massage cupping. Outer diameter cupping: 38 mm, inner diameter 20 mm; 1 pcs mini facial massage cups for eyes, nose and other small areas. Outer diameter cupping: 15 mm, inner diameter 7 mm

Price: 27.00лв.
List Price: 30.00лв.
Discount: 3.00лв. (10.00%)
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